VEEQ Garden Group Horticultural Show – Sun 21 July 2013

Advance Notice: Time to start planning!

The VEEQ Garden Group are holding a

Horticultural Show

Sunday 21 July 2013

Salle des Fêtes, Lauzerte

  • Entries between 08:30 and 10.15
  • Judging – 11:15
  • Show Opens – 14:00
  • Prize Giving – 16:00
  • Entry fees: €0,50 per entry

There are classes for Vegetables, Special Vegetables, Flowers and Foliage, Containers, Fruits, Handicrafts and Cookery

You can see the full details of all the classes here –  right click on the following link and Save As, or just view in your browser: Horticultural Show Classes



in 2012 I grew a lot of potatoes, too many really, but I had a new plot to work with. See my Top Tastes file for the varieties that I grew.

Apart from the Charlotte, which I got from Gamm Vert, all the varieties came from Graines Baumaux. They charge €7,50 for delivery but have ones that I’ve not found in local shops. Well worth ordering if you have other things to buy from them as well – they do a fantastic variety of vegetable seeds, especially tomatoes and beans.

I won’t have so much room dedicated to potatoes in 2013 and will focus on earlies, which were excellent eating and hard to find, and maybe one row of main crop.

Veggie Varieties I will sow again

At our last VEEQ gardeners group meeting, I shared a list of the varieties of various veggies that I will probably grow again next year, as they performed well, were delicious – or both. Here is the file – Top Tastes

Ready for sun-drying

Ready for sun-drying

As many of you know, I grow a LOT of tomatoes – this year I had 32 different varieties and about 80 plants altogether.  My seeds mostly come from T&M, Graines Baumaux, Seed Parade and  TomatoFest (see sidebar for links).

I grew 11 different varieties of potatoes this year, as I was clearing another plot. Too many for us really, but I do love the earlies and to have a good choice of types. I buy most of my spuds from Graines Baumaux, as they have such a lovely selection to choose from.  I’ll be ordering again in early January and will have some varieties to share. I’ll make my decisions once the new catalogue is available.

Group Seed Order

Hi all you VEEQ gardeners,

at the last meeting I shared a list of various online seed catalogues that I use, including

Seed Parade
Quality seeds at competitive prices
Discounts of up to 20% off for larger order

Please take a look at their website and if there are seeds that you wish to order, let me know and I will see if we can get a combined order large enough to get a discount. I will be placing my order in early January, so that I will be ready to start sowing in early February.

Please let me have your requirements by the end of December.


This site has been created so that I can share the information and activities of the VEEQ Gardening Group and my thoughts and experiences on gardening in the rural bliss of Quercy Blanc.